Stand Sure Studio Genesys Hair Shader Graph for Unreal Engine 4


Genesys Hair Shader Graph

A lot of trial and experimentation on this one. Kind of like how the Original Genesys Hair Shader for Unity was made. A LOT of trial and error under different lighting conditions.

– Hair Color (RGB Hex or Decimal)
– Hair Texture (Hair with very Light Blonde or Desaturated with More Brightness and Contrast…No Gaussian Blur)
– Hair Alpha Overlay (Alpha Overlay Map for Hair…can be made or picked up. I made this one.)
– Hair Alpha Map (This is the special gradient map Only for the Ends of the hair. Made in Photoshop)
– Hair Normal Map (made from the Hair Texture above. GIMP Normal Map addon…see workflow)
– DitherTemporalAA is the dithering available in UE4. (the Random Input is defaulted to 1.0f)

Hint: Use a Gradient Alpha at the Ends of the Hair UV. Since each Hair UV is kind of Unique there is no easy 1 Size Fit All Alpha Mask. They take 5 minutes to make once you know how to make them. Really easy to make Alpha Masks in Photoshop/GIMP.

Hair Shader Graph

Scalp Shader Graph