Stand Sure Studio Genesys Time for Unreal Engine 4


Genesys Time (Blueprint) :: Free to Public Version

Ever wanted Persistent Time in UE4 with elegant and exacting Time Based Event control? Here is how you do it. This Blueprint runs very quickly and is combined with Variables in Game Data that sync up so every level has access to Time (and Events). This also comes with a Data Base save or you can tie this into SQLite3 for UE4 to do similar. Up to you. I give you where the Save Slot is and the logic on how to save.

This gives your Real-Time Rendering the power of Time to control Day/Night Cycles and all sorts of other things that are Time dependent. The resolution of Genesys Time is 50ms (for good reason).

Basically the concept here is that this Blueprint is located in Every Level. It then gets the data/variables from the Game Data Object (can exist only once per game). This method is super easy to network as well for multiplayer using the built in UE4 networking replication methods (Not shown).

The below pics are in order with the first showing the entire layout.

UE4 Time_CurrentTimeGroup      

UE4 Time_GameDataVariables     

UE4 Time_RuntimeGroup