iClone7, 3DXChange7, and Character Creator 2 (and 3)

Unbiased information for those who want to know.

These are published on the Reallusion Forums as well.

Unbiased iClone7, 3DExchance Pipeline, and Character Creator 2: Link 

iClone7 and 3DXChange7 I have Had Enough and Why…Game Development Related Pipeline: Link 

There and Back Again, an iClone7-DAZ Tale: Link 

This software is not inexpensive and there are a lot of underlying issues that make it troublesome for Real-Time Rendering and Game Development. We learned the Hard Way and lost a massive amount of time and loaded up on the heartburn with this software. We are bitter but there is no animosity toward Reallusion and their products. They are doing some really amazing and difficult things that few others are doing. Hopefully they actually sit down and detail these workflow (Pipeline) stoppers so they can fix their software.