Genesis Eyes

This was part of my Community Initiative to give very high quality easy to integrate products to the Unity Community for Free. Yes…that means…Full Source and Fully Working…no trial periods…no BS.

WORKING in All Unity 5.#.#, Unity 2017.#.#, and Unity 2018.2.10
BROKEN in Unity 2018.#.# (except 2018.2.10) :: Shader. Will not be fixing.


  • Unity 5-2017-2018.2.10 (All Versions. exported as v5.4.0). Does not require Pro
  • Genesis Eye Shader
  • Full Source in C#
  • Easy to Integrate into your designs since it is designed with integration simplicity in mind
  • Detailed PDF Manual
  • 1 Draw Call for the eyes and less than 10ms for script execution in the profiler. Highly Optimized
  • 4 Custom PSD Textures with Alpha Channel
  • Type 1 to 3 are Humanoid
  • Type 4 is a very nice Cybernetic Camera Eye
  • 4 Custom Lighting and Color Masks
  • GIMP v2.88 Layered File so you can add/make your own texture options (XCF Format)
  • 27 excellently chosen color options for a wide array of humanoids. You can add to the color list or change them to your own liking.
  • 1 Custom Semi-Sphere Mesh (for the Eye Shader)
  • Auto Dilation Script with very configurable variables
  • Eyes Iris is scalable (may be controlled by script as well)
  • Eye AI for Normal Human Eye Twitching Movement
  • Calibrated Eye Movement for looking at various Objects in a scene
  • Works in all Unity 5 rendering modes: Forward Gamma, Forward Linear, Deferred Gamma, Deferred Linear
  • Automatically grabs all the lights in the scene and uses quadratic attenuation on any Point or Spot lights with in the configured distance
  • Works with multiple lights at different angles which show the glint at those angles. (shown in the demo)
  • Full Demo Scene set up to show the eyes in action. There are no camera effects in the demo scene or pictures below.

Not Included:

  • Body models such as shown in the pictures below

**A big thank you to GXMark for thoughtful ideas and comments during testing and calibration of the eyes. His input has been greatly appreciated.

Eye Type 01

Eye Type 02

Eye Type 03

Eye Type 04