Stand Sure Studio Genesys Framework Content

This is FREE content for the community.

Please use the links below for information and download links. Note: I left the old ‘Genesis’ spelling alone on the Unity Content.

UE4 and Unity 2018

Latest test Unity 2018.2.14 and UE4.22

Note: I am a rather large believer in the Open Source Software and Engineering processes. I contribute however I can to various software. As such this Stand Sure Studio content is published As Is and released under the GNU General Public License. You are NOT Allowed to republish these works as your own. You ARE Allowed to make them your own for your own use in Any Real-Time Rendering Engine.

GNU/GPL Wiki: Link

Genesis Eyes (Unity) were broken in most of v2018.# but now working again in v2018.2.10+.

The free initiative (in Unity Community) left a poor taste in my mouth. Some of these were for sale on the Unity Asset Store but I took them down after some conversations about how to benefit the whole of the Community with Open Source. Since I use this content daily in my Genesis Framework it works and never breaks (outside of the Light Attenuation Unity did for most of v2018). So enjoy the content and hopefully it helps in your own Real-Time Rendering projects.

Unreal Engine 4 Content

Unity 5/2017/2018 Content

DAZ Studio, iClone7/3DXChange7, Adobe Mixamo

DAZ3D Info

iClone7 Info



Adobe Mixamo Info



               iClone7 Info