DAZ Base Skeletons to UE4

Base Real Time Rendering Skeletons from DAZ Studio 4.10 G2 (similar approach with others)

Base Skeletons (No Morphs & No Animations)

  • _G2F_Base_Optimized.duf
  • f_skeleton
  • _G2M_Base_Optimized.duf
  • m_skeleton

Machine generated alternative text: F8X Export Options Export Options Selected NO Hidden Figures Props _d Lights _J Cameras _J Animations _d Locks _d: Morphs \ Edit Morph Export Rules Staging (assets to be exported) No Cameras No Cameras No Cameras No Cameras No Cameras No Cameras No Cameras No Cameras No Cameras No Cameras No Cameras No Cameras No Cameras No Cameras No Cameras Yes Not Selected Pre-Export Report Export Ready Camera Camera Camera Camera Camera Camera Camera Camera Camera Camera Camera Camera Camera Camera Camera Figure Figure Arm Left ArmRight Body Pose aodyT Face Front FaceLeft FaceRight HairFront HairRear Legs Front LegsRear RearLeft RearRight TorsoFront Torso Rear G2F Gen Output Options FBX 2014 — Binary Embed Textures Collect Textures To Folder _d Merge Diffuse and Opacity Textures Merge Clothing Into Figure Skeleton _d Convert Clothing to Static Geometry Allow Degraded Skinning Allow Degraded Scaling _J Information __d COIlapse UV Tiles 21SS8 vertices, 21098 potygons, 80 bones, 42182 ctris 708 vertices, 884 potygons, 8 bones, ctris Accept  

Machine generated alternative text: Modes Add New Content Content Browser Import [9 Save All Character Body f_skeleton _ Testing D BodyAttributes D EssentialLandscapeMaterials Genesis Actors Bears Beasts Boars Character m_skeleton Blood Blush Bruise Eyebrow Arms Eye Reflætion f_skeleton _ Phys iB Asset Zingernails Cornea f_skeleton f_skeleton _Anim f_skeleton _SkeIeton Head Hi'S

Machine generated alternative text: Import Skeletal Mesh Current File: /Game/Genesis/ Actors/ Character/ _ Reset to Default Mesh Skeletal Mesh Import Mesh Import Content Type Skeleton Animation Import Animations Animation Length Transform D Import Translation D Import Rotation Import Uniform Scale D Miscellaneous D Material Fbx File Information File Version File Creator File Creator Application File Units File Axis Direction File Frame Rate Animation Start Frame Animation End Frame Geometry and Skinning Weightm Exported Time 740 FBX SDK,'FBX Plugins version 201421 centimeter Y-UP (RN) o In-won All Impon Cancel

Now we check our scaling to make certain it is correct against the UE4 Mannequin. Looks good.

Remember that UE4 is in Centimeters and DAZ is in Meters (Unity is in Meters as well) so scaling must be checked to see if imported correctly. Scaling should always be checked but more important to be explicit here.

Machine generated alternative text: me All _Body f_skeleton Perspective Lit Show Arms Eye ReflaMion f_skeleton _ Phys iB Zingernails Mouth Tcenails Cornea f_skeleton f_skeleton _SkeIeton Head Torso f_skeleton _Anim Hi'S Tea r VSBree

Now let’s open up the animation file of the import to see if the exported T-Pose is correct.

*Set up the grid and Floor Offset


Machine generated alternative text: irdPersonExampleMap* Edit Asset Window Help Asset Details Perspective Lit Scene Setup Preview Scene Settings Floor Height Offset Auto Align Floor to Mesh Turn Table Cam era Focus Selected Camera Follow Mode Field Of View Default Camera Jump To Default Camera Save Camera As Default Clear Default Camera Show Shiftil Character Id Of View LOD Auto 504 xl.o 10 0.25 Material Slots Material Slots Element O Highlight Isolate Element I Highlight Isolate Element 2 Highlight Isolate Element 3 Highlight Isolate Element 4 Highlight Isolate Element 5 Highlight Isolate Element 6 Highlight Isolate Element 7 Highlight Isolate Element 8 Highlight Isolate Element g Highlight Isolate 16 Material S lots + Legs Textures • Slot Name EyeRefIecti01• D Textures • Lips Textures • Tear Textures • Irises Textures • Textures • Textures • Toenails Textures • Sclera Textures • Fingernails Textures • Slot Name Slot Name Slot Name Slot Name Slot Name Slot Name Slot Name Slot Name Slot Name