iClone7 Animations to DAZ G2

Taking the iClone7 Animations to DAZ Studio 4.10 with No Glitches

This process took a lot of trial and error to solve. Very difficult.

To get the DAZ G2 skeleton into iClone7 please see:

DAZ G2 to iClone7 for Animations

Open the DAZ Studio 4.10 duf files individually.

  • G2F_Base
  • G2M_Base
  • The material on these are a simple grey so only the eyelash texture will export/embed. The textures are not needed in iClone7 for animation.

Set the => _FittingPose_G2F_Default

*Found in /Presets/Poses/G2 <= Created by User

Make certain to have a nice clean scene in DAZ Studio for every animation import. This will ensure the Timeline has no artifacts in it when importing the BVH file/data.


We will use this same model once we are exporting the animations out of iClone7 to DAZ via BVH as a bridge. This is necessary since there is a bug in 3DXChange that changes the actual bone positions of the upper torso so exporting the DAZ G2 from it with the animations tweaks the models in game engine (or any 3D app).

To solve this DAZ 4.10 fixed an issue with the BVH import and as such we can export the BVH animation data from 3DXChange7 into DAZ then export out the animation from DAZ now that it is perfectly set up to the G2 rig.

*Same process can be applied to G1 based characters (G3 & G8 as well but slightly different because of all the additional bones)

Machine generated alternative text: VI ewport Render Library Perspective View script IDE

Now open up iClone7 then 3DXChange7. Not sure why but works better this way. 3DXChange does have dependencies on iClone7 so them seem to link up better if iClone7 is already open. Not exactly necessary but ‘seems’ to work better….never had any issues restarting 3DXChange7 doing it this way.

Now drag G2F_iC7.fbx (G2M_iC7.fbx) into 3DXChange7 to fire up the Auto Import process. It will auto detect the G2 models

Machine generated alternative text: Import F8X In forma bon Version: FEX2011.2(7.1.o) creator: FEX SDK,FEX Plugins version 2014.2.1 Z] Import Animation 30 Sample Per Second Z] Smoo th Curve Smooth Window: 1000 Adjust Material Color Automabcally Machine generated alternative text: iCIone 3DXchange 7 Analyzing Character Data Structure Profile detected for auto-conversion: [ Daz4Genesis2] Continue to convert it to a non-standard (talking) character? Note. Supported characters for auto-conversion: Daz4Genesis3, Daz4Genesis2, iCIoneGameaone, iCIoneGameSkeIetonVI, G68etaHeidi, G68etaMason, G6Character, CCCharacter, Mixamo aetaCharacter, Daz4Genesis, Unreal_aaseCharacter, Daz4Genesis8, Mixamo_DefauItCharacter Character Systems. Machine generated alternative text: iCIone 3DXchange 7 All files in the Motion Library have been updated. Please select 'Apply to iCIone' to view updated result. There are facial animation clips in the Motion Library which can be used as input data in the Expression Editor. Do you want to import them? Machine generated alternative text: iCIone 3DXchange 7 Would you like to apply ICIone-optimized material settings to the body? Includes Skin, Eyes, Lips, Mouth, Fingernails, and Toenails If this is nota Daz Genesis character, press [No] to load the parameter settings included in the file.  

You will notice here that the shoulders have been moved up and the torso is a little longer. If we export this ‘iClone7 Characterized Model’ it will need to be fixed in a 3D Modelling app….Maya/Blender/3DSMax…etc. Since iClone7 will be just used as an animation tool we can export just the BVH data later which will line up correctly on the correct rig in DAZ.


Now we click the animation in the Motion Library.

This will set the Bind Pose (Default from DAZ). You will notice that the body looks right now. It is still off in the iClone7 T-Pose though but does work with animations.

Now we are ready for the Bridge BVH process.

C:\CB9290A5\9F6A80AA-737C-4FEA-99F7-A661B4AD7CBD_files\image007.png Machine generated alternative text: Type: Non Standar d Char acter Remove Sub -Prop Visible Merge Apply to Cone pivot (p) Spring (L) Normal (O) G2F iC7 Animation 1 Add to Perform Add All to Perform Apply to Clone Modify Perform Editor Type Start G2F iC7 Pose Load Pose End Delete All Reset Pose

Open iClone7 and 3DXChange7 and add your model to the scene. In this case we are using the Female Walk Cycle which will need G2F_iC7 model to check the animation in any case.

Machine generated alternative text: 03B Realtime Motion Template Q Search Animation Custom Persona MotionPlus Motion WoA Crouch Idles Interaction Running Walking Face Gesture Timeline WoA Walking Custom Current Frame : Name b walk torch rev b walk torch strafe I b walk torch strafe r f walk fwd f walk rev f walk strafe I f walk strafe r m walk fwd m walk rev m walk strafe I m walk strafe r (xl 22) Transition Curve Presets Linear Time Warp Linear

In the Collect Clip bar left click down and drag a blue bar from one end of the clip to the other. Now right click on the blue bar and click the Add Motion to 3DXCHange option.

Machine generated alternative text: Rea n O O Project Project Switcher Collect Clip Transform Motion 2 Cut Copy Paste Delete Add Motion to Library Add MotionPlus to Library Add Gesture to Library l„lotion to 30Xchange Add MotionPlus to 3DXchange txl 22) Transition Curve Presets 1 Linear Time Warp Linear

In 3DXChange7 we will see our G2 model automatically begin animating. Give the animation a good look to see if any anomalies surface…should be solid at this point but never hurts to check.

Notice the name of animation from iClone7 here in 3DXChange7 and that this motion must be added to the Perform Editor to be exported.

Click the Modify button and only change the name. In this example => f_walk_fwd

C:\CB9290A5\9F6A80AA-737C-4FEA-99F7-A661B4AD7CBD_files\image011.png Machine generated alternative text: Motion Library G2F iC7 Animation motion O Add to Perform Add All to Perform Apply to iCIone Modify Type Per E itor Start G2F iC7 Move up Move Down End Rename Delete All

Now clear out the Perform Editor and with our new animation name selected click the Add to Perform button.

Machine generated alternative text: Motion Library G2F iC7 Animation mot ono f walk Fad Add to Perform Add All to Perform Apply to iCIone Type Tr.. Modify Perform Editor Start Move Down End Delete All

Now click the Export BVH button on the top bar to get the export script options box.

  • File Name => Prefix of save file

Set up as shown and choose where you would like 3DXChange7 to export animations. I use one folder for all exports on the development drive which is backed up weekly…choice is yours.

Machine generated alternative text: Export 8VH File Name: G2F Exguyrt Opton Sampling Rate: Root: hip Custom 60.00 Advanced Se tbngs: Target Tool Preset: Custom Rename Duplicated Nodes Reset Sone Offset Destina bon: E: IGame Development and

Machine generated alternative text: 3DX Animations Name G2F f walk fwd.bvh Search 3DX Animations Date modified AM Type 8VH File

Now I simply remove the prefix for consistency but could be left.

Machine generated alternative text: 3DX Animations Name f walk_fwd.bvh Search 3DX Animations Date modified AM Type 8VH File

If you have not done so already in the duf file we want to turn Off Rotation Limits on the G2 Model. I turn them off right away in any case. There are a couple of ways to do this but the method with certainty is this.

  • Expand your model and select the hip bone
  • Right Click on the hip bone and choose the Expand from Selected option
  • Now scroll to the bottom and Shift+Click the last bone to select ALL bones
  • Now in the Parameters Tab click the display options for active pane button (shown in pic) and click the Limits Off (Rotation) option


Machine generated alternative text: , G2F G2F_Gen Select Reo rder Delete "G2F" Ft "G2F" Tm Change AG2F" Expand Collapse Expand All Expand Selected Expand from Selected : Hip Favo rites Currents' Used xTransIate yTransIate zTransIate Machine generated alternative text: Right small Toe 3 Right Small Toe 4 Consolidate Properties Show Hidden Properties Persistent Group Expansion Display Separate tems Display Followers Copy Paste Memorize Restore Zero Clear Animation Limits Lock Sy mmetry Bake To Transforms„ Move To Floor Transfer Active Morphs Edit Mode Undock Pane Undock Pane Group Shift-Y Shift-a nslate nslate nslate Limits Off (Rotation) Sh adows in Render Mable Machine generated alternative text: V S Node Left Small Toe 3 Left Small Toe 4 Right Thigh Right Shin Right Foot Right Toes Right dig Toe Right Small Toe I Right Small Toe 2 Right Small Toe 3 Right Small Toe 4  

Now in DAZ Studio 4.10 we import the BVH file as shown.

Before importing give the timeline plenty of space to hold the imported animation frames.

Machine generated alternative text: aniMate2 Timeline Total: 3361 Range:///0/0//1b01/

Machine generated alternative text: Importer Options Selected File: [X] Selected Figure: G2F Scene Animation Setup Options Adjust scene to match the file Use the current scene values _J In Place Mode (no X or Z hip translation) _J Limit Joint Rotation Limit Translations to Hip Stuclic Importing file aVH Import bvhl Importing file aVH Import History srcset=
@ Show Details»
Accept “>

iClone7 is a 1-Based numbering system and DAZ Studio 4.10 is a 0-Based numbering system.

This Female Walk Cycle has 60 Key Frames

Machine generated alternative text: Current Frame: 60 Project Project Switcher G2F iC7 Collect Clip Transform Motion 1-60 Key Frames f walk_frA'd (xl 22) Transition Curve Presets Linear Time Warp Linear Machine generated alternative text: aniMate2 Total: 6721 Timelin Range:


The animation should be right. DAZ Studio 4.10 has yet to implement any IK solution but since iClone7 already handles that in making this animation we can assume the BVH data already has this in the animation data…and we would be correct. If we make modifications from here (not sure why you would do so) we would not have the benefits of IK to help with flooring.

Graphmate and Keymate are both excellent plugins to DAZ Studio so if there are any adjustments we can do them here with these plugins.

Now we will save this as a Pose Preset with Animation Range which will save it as an Animation DUF.

*You will want to set up a set of folders in Presets to hold your Poses and Animations

I cleaned out my Walking folder for this workflow tutorial purpose.

Machine generated alternative text: DAZ Studi04.10 Edit Create Tools New Open Recent Mergen Savan Save As G2F Render Cgnnect Window Help ctrl*Shift+0 ctrl*s Scene„ 1-60f6 Save Last Drawn mport Export Send to aryce„ Send to Hexagon„ Damage Inc Scene Subset Hierarchical Material(s) Preset Hierarchical Pose Preset Wearable(s) Preset Character Preset Prwerties Preset Shaping Preset„ Pose Preset„ Material(s) Preset„ DAZ Studio Tutoria DAZ StudioTutoriaI Shader Preset Documentation Documents Environments Figures Camera(s) Preset Light(s) Preset Render Settings Preset Simulation Settings Preset O-Former(s) Preset ForbiddenWhisper ForbiddenWhispere Layered Image(s) Preset General Lauries Leather Fantasy R Puppeteer Preset Support Asset Deprecated Machine generated alternative text: Cameras Characters DM scenes Materials Climbing Crafting Crouching Dying and Death Excercises Jumping PUShing and Puhng Real Running Stting Walkin g Zombie Properties Machine generated alternative text: Pose Preset Save Options Animation Range Current Frame Ony Animated Range Start Frame Prope rties CbG2F File Options Compress File End Frame Accept

Now make a new fresh scene and open the G2F_Base DUF file again

Now double click on the new Animation Pose Preset we just made to sanity check that it worked.

We prep the scene for FBX export.

Machine generated alternative text: DAZ Studio 4.10 Pro - _G2F_8ase.duf File Edit Create Tools Render Connect Window Presets Cameras Characters 0M scenes Lights Materials Poses Action Climbing Crafting Crouching Dances Dying and Death Excercises dies Jumping Pushing and Pulling RealGensV8 Running sex Sitting Walking Zombie Properties Shaping Props Help €9 ewport Perspective Vie w script IDE O walk fwd ter text to fitter by V S Node 'Camera s G2F Favo rites Currently Used Cross-Figure Pcss Ccntrc's G2F_Gsn Show Sub tems Tips •o. xTransIate yTransIate zTransIate X Rotate Y Rotate Z Rotate Scale Point At Fit to Ft to Mode Resolution Level Tips - Info aniMate2 Tags Timeline Current: FPS: a Lesson  

Now we export the Animations in FBX 2014 Binary as shown to be used in game engine or other applications. We will test it in both Unity 2018 and UE4.21.

Machine generated alternative text: F8X Export Options Export Options Selected NO Hidden Figures Props _d Lights _d Cameras Animations: _d Locks _J L imtts _d Morphs Edit Morph Export Rules Staging (assets to be exported) No Cameras No Cameras No Cameras No Cameras No Cameras No Cameras No Cameras No Cameras No Cameras No Cameras No Cameras No Cameras No Cameras No Cameras No Cameras Yes Not Selected Pre-Export Report Export Ready Camera Camera Camera Camera Camera Camera Camera Camera Camera Camera Camera Camera Camera Camera Camera Figure Figure Arm Left ArmRight Body Pose aodyT Face Front FaceLeft FaceRight HairFront HairRear Legs Front LegsRear RearLeft RearRight TorsoFront Torso Rear G2F Gen Output Options FBX 2014 — Binary Embed Textures Collect Textures To Folder _d Merge Diffuse and Opacity Textures Merge Clothing Into Figure Skeleton _d Convert Clothing to Static Geometry Allow Degraded Skinning Allow Degraded Scaling _J Information __d COIlapse UV Tiles 21SS8 vertices, 21098 potygons, 80 bones, 42182 ctris 708 vertices, 884 potygons, 8 bones, ctris Accept

I prefer the K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple Stupid) approach in

1 FBX = 1 Animation

So this workflow from DAZ actually works really well.