DAZ G2 to iClone7 for Animations

DAZ Studio 4.10 G2 to iClone7 for Animating and Mapping from various types of animation

This process took a lot of trial and error to solve. Very difficult.

To get the animations out of iClone7 and mapped on to the DAZ G2 skeleton properly please see:

iClone7 Animations to DAZ G2

Open the DAZ Studio 4.10 duf files individually.

  • G2F_Base
  • G2M_Base
  • The material on these are a simple grey so only the eyelash texture will export/embed. The textures are not needed in iClone7 for animation.

Set the => _FittingPose_G2F_Default

*Found in /Presets/Poses/G2  <= Created by the designer

This pose makes the 3DXChange7 conversion better for the auto iClone7 Characterization for animation.


We will use this same model once we are exporting the animations out of iClone7 to DAZ via BVH as a bridge. This is necessary since there is a bug in 3DXChange that changes the actual bone positions of the upper torso so exporting the DAZ G2 from it with the animations tweaks the models in game engine (or any 3D app).

To solve this DAZ 4.10 fixed an issue with the BVH import and as such we can export the BVH animation data from 3DXChange7 into DAZ then export out the animation from DAZ now that it is perfectly set up to the G2 rig.

*Same process can be applied to G1 based characters

Machine generated alternative text: VI ewport Render Library Perspective View script IDE

Now we need to export so 3DXChange7 can import with no trouble.

FBX 2011 Binary is the version publicly supported. FBX 2014 Binary was tested (option for Unity and others) and it appears to work but rumors are it does unexpected things….so we are sticking with FBX 2011 Binary.

Body morphs and such will not pass into iClone7 and we are not doing facial animation via iClone7 (issue is we lose all the valuable shaping morphs when going into iClone7…perhaps someday this will work) so we are only working on the actual body animations.

Set up the Morph Export Rules as such. CSV File can be saved for switching with the other exports to help save time.

Export as

  • G2F_iC7
  • G2M_iC7

Machine generated alternative text: FBX Export Options Export Options Selected NO Hidden Figures Props _J Lights _d Cameras _J Animations _J Locks _J L imtts Morphs Edit Morph Export Rules„ Staging (assets to be export' F8X Morph Export Rules No Cameras No Cameras No Cameras No Cameras No Cameras No Cameras No Cameras No Cameras No Cameras No Cameras No Cameras No Cameras No Cameras No Cameras No Cameras Yes Not Selected Camera Camera Camera Camera Camera Camera Camera Camera Camera Camera Camera Camera Camera Camera Camera Figure Figure Rule Match Final Anything Action Ignore Output Options FBX2011 — Binary Embed Textures Collect Textures To Folder _d Merge Diffuse and Opacity Textures Merge Clothing Into Figure Skeleton _d Convert Clothing to Static Geometry Allow Degraded Skinning Allow Degraded Scaling _d Information _J COIlapse LIV Tiles Move Up Import CSV Rules Move Down Export CSV Rules Accept

Now open up iClone7 then 3DXChange7. Not sure why but works better this way. 3DXChange does have dependencies on iClone7 so them seem to link up better if iClone7 is already open. Not exactly necessary but ‘seems’ to work better….never had any issues restarting 3DXChange7 doing it this way.

Now drag G2F_iC7.fbx (G2M_iC7.fbx) into 3DXChange7 to fire up the Auto Import process. It will auto detect the G2 models

Machine generated alternative text: Import F8X In forma bon Version: FEX2011.2(7.1.o) creator: FEX SDK,FEX Plugins version 2014.2.1 Z] Import Animation 30 Sample Per Second Z] Smoo th Curve Smooth Window: 1000 Adjust Material Color Automabcally Machine generated alternative text: iCIone 3DXchange 7 Analyzing Character Data Structure Profile detected for auto-conversion: [ Daz4Genesis2] Continue to convert it to a non-standard (talking) character? Note. Supported characters for auto-conversion: Daz4Genesis3, Daz4Genesis2, iCIoneGameaone, iCIoneGameSkeIetonVI, G68etaHeidi, G68etaMason, G6Character, CCCharacter, Mixamo aetaCharacter, Daz4Genesis, Unreal_aaseCharacter, Daz4Genesis8, Mixamo_DefauItCharacter Character Systems. Machine generated alternative text: iCIone 3DXchange 7 All files in the Motion Library have been updated. Please select 'Apply to iCIone' to view updated result. There are facial animation clips in the Motion Library which can be used as input data in the Expression Editor. Do you want to import them? Machine generated alternative text: iCIone 3DXchange 7 Would you like to apply ICIone-optimized material settings to the body? Includes Skin, Eyes, Lips, Mouth, Fingernails, and Toenails If this is nota Daz Genesis character, press [No] to load the parameter settings included in the file.  

You will notice here that the shoulders have been moved up and the torso is a little longer. If we export this ‘iClone7 Characterized Model’ it will need to be fixed in a 3D Modelling app….Maya/Blender/3DSMax…etc. Since iClone7 will be just used as an animation tool we can export just the BVH data later which will line up correctly on the correct rig in DAZ.


Now we click the animation in the Motion Library. This will set the Bind Pose (Default from DAZ). You will notice that the body looks right now. It is still off in the iClone7 T-Pose though but does work with animations.

Now click on the Apply to iClone button to send this model to iClone7

C:\B53B0F45\110005DF-D21B-4A1B-BF74-67E785E924B9_files\image008.png Machine generated alternative text: Type: Non Standar d Char acter Remove Sub -Prop Visible Merge Apply to Cone pivot (p) Spring (L) Normal (O) G2F iC7 Animation 1 Add to Perform Add All to Perform Apply to Clone Modify Perform Editor Type Start G2F iC7 Pose Load Pose End Delete All Reset Pose

This is our G2F_iC7 model now in iClone7

Now return to 3DXChange7 and in the Perform Editor

  • Click the animation clip there
  • Then click the Apply to iClone button

*This is simply a check process to make sure the animation works properly

We are now done with the model in 3DXChange7 so we select the New Scene option to clear the scene. We will go through this same process when ready to export animations from iClone7.

C:\B53B0F45\110005DF-D21B-4A1B-BF74-67E785E924B9_files\image010.png Machine generated alternative text: Motion Librar y G2F iC7 Animation Add to Perform Add All to Perform Apply to iCIone Modi Type End Perform Editor G2F iC7 Animation Move Down Start Delete All C:\B53B0F45\110005DF-D21B-4A1B-BF74-67E785E924B9_files\image012.png


Now we will change the material so it is not so bright white to look at when checking animations.

  • Shift+Click on all materials in the Material List
  • Material Settings….Diffuse Color…change to something easy on the eyes.

Machine generated alternative text: Project Triangle 4403B Selected Triangle 4351B Video Memory 0.4/6.1GB - Genesis2Female Genesis2Female Genesis2Female Genesis2Female Genesis2Female Genesis2Female Open Mouth Modify Material List Legs EyeReflection Nostrils Lacrimals Pupils Lips Affect all materials with the same name Texture Settings (Y) Material Settings - Diffuse Color Ambient Color  

Now we save the iAvatar(s) in iClone7

Now open up Character Creator 2 & 3 and send each Female and Male model to iClone7. We will use these models to send animations to fix and clean up or make new animations. iClone7 animates these with few glitches since they are Reallusion’s skeletons and are built in to animate well.


CC3 has a slightly different skeleton than CC1 & CC2 characters so it is good to use CC2 on most animations then apply them and check with CC3 and our G2 based models. This gives the full suite of animation tools needed. Also note that the bone names in CC3 and iClone7 are different so there is internal iClone7 mapping going on behind the scenes to apply animations to different skeletons. Some animations do not convert perfectly to CC2 or CC3 so they need to be manually fixed in any case. There is a nice large library of motions from Reallusion so they can be used to create new motions.

Machine generated alternative text: Content Template Avatar WoA Custom Q Search Avatar Custom Head Body Part Accessory Name CC2F CC2M CC3F CC3M Size Base Base Base Base 301 533 n 535 n 541 n 6.2 h G2F iC7 G2M iC7 Various Characters Needed

We are all set to make and check animations in iClone7