Brighid :: 4th Generation Genesys Framework Base Female

The Better Built Model

Brighid (Bridget) is a 4th generation Genesys Framework model to solve issues with the mid torso and to make clothing much easier to model with. Modelling issues have been finally solved permanently and the workflows are very straightforward. This is very important later for modders and 3D Artists to make clothing assets for the game.

She is a re-rigged mesh to the DAZ Studio Genesis 2 Female and in pieces in lieu of a full body mesh with multiple materials. She is basically ‘Clothing’. This has tremendous benefits and allows to easily swap ‘Clothing’ and use the dismember system without issues.

Her poly count is coming in at 32k and with full clothing the entire model is coming in less than 100k poly (tris). Most of the clothing models are totaling from 60k to 80k total. Rendering Draw Calls is very well optimized with model and clothing coming in at less than 15.

Textures are still at 2048×2048 and design specifically to enhanced HD1080p and slightly higher. Even at 4k display resolution she looks really good although that is not the design intent.

This is a very well optimized character platform with fantastic rendering and animation results. It has taken awhile but finally there.

Bending and Animating is looking excellent with the clothing pipeline becoming so much simpler. She is realistic, performance driven, and bends very well.

Brighid is pleased to show off her excellent features in some great Real Time Rendering shots inside the Unity 2018 game engine. The ‘room’ is a black photo shoot room that is specifically designed to test lighting on models as well as give great photo shots.

Her hair is using my Genesys Hair Shader and her eyes are using my Genesys Eyes Shader. Brighid’s skin is using the Genesys Skin Shader with a custom skin set with the ‘Soft’ normal map. The Normal and Rough add porosity and roughness to the skin which is chosen in game during character creation.

Brighid is also the tour guide and actress in the game engine demonstration tours. It is exciting to see her fully animate with fully realistic eye and facial motions.