DAZ3D, DAZ Studio 4.10 Information Pages

I have been using DAZ Studio since 4.5? I really like DAZ and the high end approach to 3D model rendering and ‘molding’. Using DAZ Studio as part of a Real Time Rendering (Game Engine mainly….but others apply) is not a simple task. Some technology has been improved and DAZ3D has made DAZ Studio much more acceptable to be able to use in Real Time Rendering (4.9 & 4.10 specifically).

Prior to these latest version there was always some sort of ‘hack work around’ to what should be fairly obvious in the normal line of thought. DAZ Studio and the models are still not easy to use but are absolutely possible…and well worth the effort.

Below are links and workflows to help others.

Note: DAZ Studio has changed a lot of their licensing to the Interactive Model which allows embedding the model into Commercial Applications for Resale (Games and such compiled packages) as long as the base data is not freely acquirable. This is particularly important in a Moddable Type game where clothing and such needs to be made from these models….good thing is…DAZ Studio includes most of the base models for free. So simply making an account to get started is good enough. Win Win.