Lords of the Exiles Roleplay Server  (Server List Name => LotExiles_RP)

Conan Exiles Server for RP, PvE, and PvP Events. 

Note: This is a much more realistic Hard Core Difficult Server. Not for people looking for easy play. This is a brutal place to play…but very rewarding.

Server Roleplay

This is a Roleplaying (RP) Server. You are expected to be your character while playing in game (Female or Male).

Out of Character (OOC) text chat must be prefixed with OOC: in the chat box. It is good that we make some healthy and friendly chat with others in game. However since you are supposed to be in the Exile Lands you should try to keep this OOC: chat to a minimum.

Example: OOC: Busy at work this week.


Server Events

This server has a very active DM/GM. This means there is an active Event System in place that when it happens players and thralls will need to defend themselves or take on some threat that is happening.

These are fully Roleplayed scenarios where various leaders and clan members take part in various ‘moots’ to decide the fate of the event.

Events can be undead hordes come forth to attack a player’s hold to dungeon runs where the survivors get some nifty treasure.

More to come…

Emotes Help for Console

Emotes should not be tied to exploring. Roleplaying needs emotes so here is some help to get a great number of emotes for players.

press [ ~ ] key


Copy and Paste the following into the console to unlock all emotes:


LearnEmote salute |LearnEmote dance |LearnEmote wave |LearnEmote taunt |LearnEmote cheer |LearnEmote kneel |LearnEmote sitonground |LearnEmote bycrom |LearnEmote byset |LearnEmote bymitra |LearnEmote dancehaka |LearnEmote grovel |LearnEmote ponder |LearnEmote clapsmall |LearnEmote point |LearnEmote shrug |LearnEmote danceaquilonian |LearnEmote dancecimmerian |LearnEmote dancekhitan |LearnEmote dancebelly |LearnEmote dancesexy |LearnEmote blowkiss |LearnEmote combhair |LearnEmote bow |LearnEmote byyog |LearnEmote praysitting |LearnEmote praystanding |LearnEmote sleeponground |LearnEmote armscrossed |LearnEmote score |LearnEmote laughbig |LearnEmote sigh |LearnEmote yawn |LearnEmote shakefist |LearnEmote fistpunch |LearnEmote spit |LearnEmote pushups |LearnEmote chestpound |LearnEmote chicken |LearnEmote slitthroat |LearnEmote clapbig |LearnEmote showoff |LearnEmote flirt1 |LearnEmote submissive |LearnEmote laughsmall |LearnEmote bearhug |LearnEmote layingseductive |LearnEmote squirming |LearnEmote comehere |LearnEmote spank


Server Friendly Outposts and Bartering

There are 4 RP Outposts in the Exile Lands that have bartering stations. These are here for players to barter for food and items.

Bartering is RP and honor system since there are no game mechanics for this…yet. All products are in Silver Pieces.

1 Gold = 10 Silver

1000 Wood or Stone = 1 Silver

Example: Drop Wood into Wood Box and take out bartered Silver.

1 – South West. North of the Shattered Bridge near the River.

2 – South East Center. Near Edge of Jungle on North edge of waterway.

3 – Northern Center. Near the center of the Northern Aqueduct.

4 – Northern West. Just north of the Godsward on the river.

Leveling Speed and Notes

This is a Hard Core Server. NPCs are tougher to kill and they deal more damage. This also means that kills give out the best XP.

Make sure you barter or make healing items. They are very much needed.

Harvesting XP is very minimal and Crafting XP is very low. The XP is gotten by getting out and adventuring.

How to Play

Install the game from Steam. All DLCs are required.

There are Required Mods from the Steam Workshop to fix things and add features to the game.

They will ‘automagically’ download when you try to log into the server.


Look for => LotExiles_RP in the server list and log in.

In Game Maps

Here is a very nice Online Interactive Map.